Part of the Solution

The Government have said they will build 1m homes over the next 5yrs, that's considerably more than the current output. Parabuild Solutions housing system alone cannot plug the gap but with the ability to supply 30,000 homes units pa. we can make a serious dent.

As the LGSF system suppliers to EDAROTH's innovative end-to-end housing solution, our off-site-manufactured housing system is being used to unlock the potential of under-utilised land previously deemed unsuitable for development.


Small Site - Before

Hillside Gardens, Lambeth : once home to 12 derelict garages.

Like many small sites, this was an under-utilised, neglected, in a challenging location and deemed unsuitable for development.


Small Site - After

Hillside Gardens, Lambeth : Now home to 4 families.

Combining offsite manufacturing with on-site assembly this small site was transformed into a terrace of 4 two-bedroom houses. Our system allows developers such as EDAROTH to re-imagine what is possible as well as being faster, less disruptive and a safer building method when compared with traditional construction.


PS Housing System

We have developed and pre-qualified a catalogue of components that integrate seamlessly with our designs - greatly reducing the design, procurement and construction phases.

Open LGS Panels

Offsite prefabrication offers greater design certainty and efficiencies as well as saving time - the superstructure can be erected in a week.

UK Accredited Solution

Our system is BOPAS accredited - completed builds carry a 60 year Lloyds assurance and are fully mortgageable.

Production Capacity

Manufacturing takes place at our supply factories in China where they have a production capacity of 30,000 home units pa.

Environmental Impact

LGS is the best performing end of life construction system when it comes to closing the recycling loop with just 1% going to landfill.


LGS framed buildings are considerably lighter than traditional brick and block - less work in the ground which reduces the risk and cost.


Less deliveries to site, less waste, no shrinkage which means less defects visits giving a reduction in the overall carbon footprint.

More than a System, a Supply Chain

PS work with the largest comprehensive building materials industry group in China - their scale and the depth of their supply chain is unrivalled in the UK.